Carpet Freshener

Have carpets that are stinky and stale due to pets, teenagers or cigarette smoke?

carpet freshener

Here is an all natural solution to your stinky problems! Simply mix ingredients, sprinkle it on and let it sit for about half an hour. Then vacuum the mixture up. Not only are you freshening the room, but you are ELIMINATING the stinky smell! That’s what essential oils do. They physically change the chemical composition of their surroundings. That bad smell won’t exist anymore….until your pets or teenagers re-claim the room lol.


Oil of the Day – Lemon essential oil

lemon oil graphic for blog

Lemon oil is one of the most versatile oils I own. The picture shows several possible uses, but there are so many more! Here are a few tips from me, to you.

1) Diffuse lemon essential oil to rid a room of musty or stale air. Since it can uplift your mood you’re cleaning and happy about it. Win Win!

2) Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to a few teaspoons of baking soda, mix well and add a few drops of water. Stir to make a thin paste. Spread paste on area you want to clean. I have used this on the water stains in my sink, and caked on grime on my stove top. Let the paste sit for several minutes, then scrub with a washcloth. You’ll be left with a sanitized and clean area without the nasty effects and smells of harsh, chemical cleaners.

3) If you’re anything like me there have been occasions when you open your washer to do a load and POW a smell rises up to greet you and remind you that you started a load already….3 days ago. Now you’ve got a load of damp and stinky clothes. To freshen the clothes you can refill the washer, add a few drops of lemon, a few tablespoons of white vinegar (if they’re really bad you can add some baking soda also)  and let the clothes sit in the solution for awhile. Then let the load finish. When it’s done your clothes should be fresh again. If you’re clothes were left in during an extended period…say a week or more….you may want to re-wash with laundry soap again.

These are my tips for the day! Enjoy that lemon essential oil 🙂

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