Join me on my journey to live all naturally!

Thanks for visiting my website. I hope that means you’re interested in learning more about living a healthier life. I am excited to share my journey with you. As mentioned…I’m still on this journey, which means I’m still learning and changing and re-thinking. Everything I learn, discover and debate over I will add here so you can share in my quest. I have a team of friends who share my goal of living life to the fullest, and they may occasionally guest post for me (if we ask them really nicely, that is). Each page on the website will direct you to articles about that category. I hope you are blessed by the information. Enjoy life to the fullest; get rid of as many toxins and chemicals as you can! Since beginning my journey I have eliminated ALL conventional cleaning supplies, many medicines, shampoo, toothpaste, many food products, and am currently working on eliminating traditional laundry soap and dryer sheets. You may cringe reading some of these things. She isn’t using shampoo? GROSS! I urge you to read on…I thought the same thing when I heard about it for the first time, but it has changed my life! Look for the blog pertaining to the “no poo” method.


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